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It’s true, technology is the FSBO company’s best friend. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars so they can literally make money while they sleep. We know, first hand because we built one almost 15 years ago. These companies have the competitive edge on price, technology, marketing AND you probably noticed, they are open 24 hours a day. That’s tough to compete with because most agents simply don’t have the ability to build a database driven website that allows homeowners to log in and list their property 24 hours a day, exactly to MLS specifications. Then have that data ready to cut and paste into the MLS database.

With MLSForm.com, the agent is back in control!

Here is the Game Changer!

Today, with MLSForm.com YOU CAN COMPETE with all national
and local FSBO companies!

You can actually have the competitive edge for less than a case of good beer a month. Sound good? It only get’s better. You have options!

So what is your business model?

There are so many different strategies you can implement to grow your business:
  • Maybe you want to operate as a FSBO company and have your clients do the work while you sleep.
  • Maybe you want to operate as a discount broker and let your clients earn the discount for doing the paperwork.
  • Maybe you give out free 30 day MLS bridge to full service (Control!) Because you know they are going to list in 30 days anyhow, might as well be you!

Automation gets you in front of the customer

We give you the exact same tools to compete head-on with any discount, flat fee, or low cost brokerage at a fraction of what it cost to build one of these sites. This database mirrors your MLS with exactly the same fields, explanations and is user friendly. When your client submits the data it comes directly to you, complete in the exact order of operations as your MLS.
The only question now is, are you ready to compete?

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